Many of us still remember our childhood. At that time, in the late March of each year, we still need a cold winter frost on our fingers, but with great pleasure and joy, we raised our pantyhose trousers and wiped it with a bowl, soaked wet carpet on the courtyard floor. Those days, rolled up on the roofs, would have informed us of the arrival of the spring, but today, with the shrinking of the home space, we face less such attractive scenes. Traditional washing practices have had many problems, despite their particular attractions. These problems include high water consumption, rupture of the carpet and deformities of the roots that occurred during the carpet washing process. So, in order to avoid such problems, you should know the correct principles of carpet washing. The carpet Tehran will follow you with some of these things.

 carpet washing in tehran

In traditional carpet washing, observe the following points:

- When rinsing the carpet, place it on a flat surface. It is best to have a hard floor, cement or mosaic floor. If the ground has a slight slope, it will be much easier to separate the water and floor from the carpet when rinsing.

- Use the flow of water with normal heat.

- Due to the fact that plastic materials, knots and warps make machine carpets, if they use hot water to wash this type of carpet, they will lose their softness after washing. Hot water also paints handmade carpets.

- Never use acidic or alkaline detergents to remove stains from the surface of the carpet.

- Avoid pouring too much water on the carpet and dipping it in water. This can cause the paint to be lost in the carpet and merge the darker parts of the color into lighter parts.

- If you notice the rendering of the carpet, never rinse it after washing. Because because of the sensitivity of the carpet, the colors of the different parts of it are merged and give a nasty look to the carpet.

- After washing the carpet, thoroughly dehydrate it and gently remove the water from the pile through the oven.

After dipping the carpet and destroying most of the carpet water, rinse the half-wet carpet from behind, shade it to expose it to the air and dry.

- Never expose carpets to direct sunlight. The sun's light rushes the carpet too fast.

- After finishing the carpet drying, with a broom or brush, sweep it to the carpet so that carpets can be restored to the carpet with a beautiful look.

- For carpet drying, never use high-temperature heaters, such as heaters. Because it does cause the carpets to fall asleep, and in some places it will make the surface uneven.